Elcon Recycling Center

Elcon Recycling Center was established in 2003 as a startup company for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

Elcon, wholly owned by Shikun & Binui, is an advanced and modern factory located in Neot Hovav Eco-Industrial Park in the Negev, Israel.

The company provides a variety of services for the treatment and recycling of hazardous materials, sludge and industrial waste.  The treatment is carried out with advanced and unique technology in the world, operating under the most stringent regulatory requirements and under the approval of a Manager acceptance  .

Elcon is ranked first as a company that treats sewage and industrial sludge and provides service for many factories in the country, while ensuring the preservation and protection of the environment by making use of the best technologies for running the processes.

Our services are provided to the leading companies in the economy in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, surface finishing methods fometal, gas drilling, electronics, geochemistry, food, etc.

Elcon has the ability to store large volumes of waste and provides pumping and transportation services for hazardous materials.

Elcon serves as a transfer station for various types of waste. Services that can be provided include : washing and selling plastic and metal containers, temporary storage areas, repackaging, and similar services.

Elcon operates an own state-of-the-art chemical laboratory certified by the Laboratory for the Accreditation of Laboratories complying with Standard 17025.

Our organization is committed to complying with the requirements of any law, as well as to the requirements of relevant standards, procedures and other applicable requirements related to maintaining the safety and health in the employment of our employees.

The company operates with all the required permits and is a treatment plant approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection for hazardous waste



Wastes from inorganic chemical processes

Treatment of wastes from coatings and surface finishing for metal, industrial brines and brines from the food industry.

Wastes from organic chemical processes

Liquid waste and solid waste containing organic components from the petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, organic substances from the pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food and pesticide industries.

Biological and Industrial sludges     

Sludges formed in municipal and industrial biological treatment processes.

Treatment , recycling  and sale of packaging

Our company supplies washing services of used IBC/barrels.

We sell washed and intact IBC/barrels to our customers.

Regulatory Consulting

Customers who are interested in consulting and guidance for the process of utilizing the waste, are invited to contact the Environmental Commissioner at our company, Ms. Miriam Speyer.

Neutralization of acids

Contradictory treatment of organic and inorganic acids without      concentration-related restrictions, with and without volatile impurities.

Licenses and permits


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